Pure Ingredients


Margarine, beet sugar, corn syrup or sugar substitutes, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives..YIKES!

But that is what you will find in most ‘all-natural’ cookies. It helps reduce their costs and increases the shelf life. Read their labels, you may be unpleasantly surprised at how the cookies CRUMBL. 🙂

We hold our ingredients to a higher, PURE standard. We only use ingredients that are real food, even the coloring of our icing! It is a difference that you can taste and feel good about.


From the first cookies we baked in 2008, our mantra has been the fewer pure ingredients the better.

We have only used real, unsalted butter, King Arthur baking flour, local eggs, pure vanilla extract, cane sugar, premium chocolates, and real spices. Pure LUV never compromises.

When you bite into a LUV Cookie you will taste the difference of only pure ingredients. They work together to give our cookies a distinctive texture and taste to each one we make.


We have only ever used King Arthur Baking flour.

Their flour has a carefully calibrated protein content that gives our cookies extra loft while providing the same results in every batch.

They source their own American grown, non-GMO wheat, that has no added preservatives. King Arthur Baking has been providing bakers with quality flour since 1790.


There is chocolate, and then there is CHOCOLATE.

We get all our chocolate from Guittard Chocolate Company. For five generations and over 150 years, the Guittard family has been pursuing the artistry, craft and innovation of chocolate making.

You can taste their complete obsession with making premium chocolate that delivers a spectrum of flavor to our chocolate chunk, decadent dark, and Mexican triple chocolate cookies.

Cane Sugar
Sugar puts the sweet in our LUV Sweet LUV. All our cookies are made using only pure cane sugar. It caramelizes easily resulting in a more uniform product and gives a sweeter and fruitier finish.

Unsalted Butter

Unsalted butter affects the texture of the cookies and browns them resulting in a rich color along with a soft moist texture. It also provides a rich flavor you will immediately notice.


Our eggs are locally sourced from contented, free range chickens.


Vanilla is used in many of our cookies. Vanilla beans grow on orchards in tropical climates. We use pure vanilla extract made from Mexican vanilla beans. Pure vanilla extract is free of added sugar and corn syrup. Our vanilla has a hint of spice along with a sweet note of flavor.


The right mix of spices adds a distinctive flavor to our cookies. Cinnamon provides a deeper and spicier flavor to our snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin and butter cookies. We combine the deep and spicy flavor of cinnamon, the nutty and sweet flavor of nutmeg, the strong and intense warmth of ginger, along with the warm and bitter pungency flavor of cloves to provide a warm and savory finish to our chewy gingerbread molasses, and pumpkin spiced cookies.

Pure Ingredients. It's LUV at first bite.