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[Formerly Main Street Cookie Company in Rainier, WA]

New Name, New Location, Same Cookies You LUV

Cookie Alert - Read Before Eating

Eating the pure goodness of LUV COOKIES has been known to cause spontaneous joy, intense pleasure, poignant nostalgia and a renewed sense of personal well being and love for your fellow man. Symptoms also often include the overwhelming desire to share this experience with family, friends and even total strangers.

Now Shipping Nationwide.

All The Traditional Favorites You LUV

All Made With Pure LUV

Don’t be fooled. All-Natural isn’t the same as only PURE ingredients.

“I can’t get enough of your LUV”

I was going to buy a couple cookies but they looked so good. I ended up with 8 different flavors. They did not disappoint!

Love love love, best cookies ever

The Disneyland of Cookies

Really amazing cookies and a great variety. I bought a dozen to give as a gift and they ship too! Yum!

The most wonderful people! And their cookies are unbelievable, you probably will not eat just one.

The absolute best cookie ever!

Awesome cookies and a great staff.

Best cookies I've ever had! The Frosted Butter Cookies are my favorite!

Yummy and Fresh. The owner and her brother are just wonderful, great people. I'll be back for sure.

Amazing cookies we will go down from Seattle just to buy cookies.

This place is absolutely wonderful! The cookies are amazing tasting!

Fresh, friendly and local.

DELICIOUS, handmade, small town cookie-bakery. Worth the trip from wherever you're at!

The best cookies in a hundred miles, no joke. No gimmicks, just pure old fashioned hand made delicious.

Their cookies are so delicious! And the owners are so kind!

The flavor and quality is perfection! If you're ever in the area, this location is definitely worth the stop.

Absolutely DELICIOUS!!

The best. Period. A must visit, and repeat!

Just bought about 30 cookies, and, like always they are amazing. Highly recommend!

Always a perfect cookie! ! Moved away 5 years ago. Stopped in today and it's just as delicious as ever!

The best cookies in the universe! Great customer service too!


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